Stress, physical activity and injury contribute to muscular tension and postural imbalance. Our massage techniques are designed to reduce adhesions from scar tissue, broaden and lengthen muscle fibers and help soothe pain. Our licensed massage therapists will work with you to create the perfect balance of relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief.

Swedish Massage 50 min $60, 80 min $95

Rejuvenate your body with our European massage. It's designed to relieve tension, alleviate inflammation and maintain muscles in the best state of relaxation and flexibility. All this, while reducing stress and muscle fatigue throughout the body, and increasing circulation. .

Deep Tissue Massage 50 min $65, 80 min $105

An excellent massage for physically active individuals and chronic back pain sufferers. Using an array of massage techniques and deep pressure will strategically reach internal muscle tissue to provide relief from tension, stress and soreness.

Hot Stone Massage 50 min $80, 80 min $125

This ancient practice was used by Mayan and Aztec Indians for the purpose of healing. The rocks are heated and placed on targeted areas to loosen tight muscles, ease tension and relieve stress, which will help to alleviate stiffness. This massage is surely to be a unique experience.

Hot Poultice Massage 50 min $80, 80 min $125

Ready for a little bit of heaven? It's in the bag, with a Hot Poultice Treatment… literally. This centuries-old treatment consists of a therapeutic massage using warm poultices – heated muslin bags filled with healing, fragrant herbs and spices.

Side-By-Side Massage 50 min $130, 80 min $195

You and your companion can receive side by side massage & body treatments. Perfect for couples or friends who want to share the experience together.

Chair Massage 20 min $25

Foot Massage 20 min $25

Body Wrap & Polish 60 min $80